Independence 9mm +P 115gr

Trying to nail down the specs on this 9mm +p 115gr ammunition. Whoever makes the Independence Brand likes to hide? Checked Federal - no mention. Checked Speer - no mention. Checked CCI and Blazer - no mention.

As of 2019 who makes this product?

MPN: 5250BK1000
UPC: 50004544651228

As an incentive, 5 rounds of the old Sunbeam/Chrysler 45acp steel case ammo <1944/1945> to whoever provides the current correct answers.

My box of 357 Mag Independence Headstamp star I star 357
Says Ammunition Accessories Inc. Lewiston Idaho 83501 USA
then under that label is Made in Brazil

The first Independence 9 mm cartridges were made by CBC of Brazil. I believe they were sold through Speer/CCI as a separate brand, and not thru Magtech, but I could be wrong on that. Of course, the aluminum case version with the standard “N R” style headstamp, but with CCI replaced at the top by I were made by CCI. The Brazilian loads are immediately recognizable by the primer marking, a flat bottom version of the letter “V”. Of course, if you have the box for them, it is clearly marked made in Brazil, just as the later boxes are marked made in the USA.

As for the later brass-case Independence loads of America manufacture, I am not sure who loaded them, but there was more than one brass supplier. Some of the cases were made by CCI, headstamped “I 9 mm LUGER” with the shape of the “9” and the “R” probably indicating they were made on their Formax machinery line.

Then, the is the headstamp " I 9MM LUGER" which looks like it might be in a case made by Federal, part of the same ownership group as CCI/Speer. These have a copper-plated bullet, probably of the “Total Metal Jacket (TMJ)” variety, which could indicate loading by Speer-CCI, or bullets supplied to Federal by Speer/CCI for their loading.

The final headstamp is " I •9MM LUGER" and is the only one with a case cannelure. This cartridge has the appearance, from top to bottom, of Federal Production, with a standard GM FMJ bullet.

These ID’s are purely based on the appearance of the cartridges and their headstamp fonts. I don’t know who made the cases with the dot before the caliber marking, but they look like Federal Headstamps.

I have other Independence calibers, but didn’t want to turn this reply into something too long and complicated, because the 9 mms are typical, and I don’t have any better information on the other calibers. All of mine are auto pistol only, as I don’t collect revolver calibers.

Hope this is of some help, and perhaps inspires someone with a little more “inside information” to respond.

John Moss

Hi Guys,
This is in a Speer branded brass case. Reading around the head stamp in a clockwise manner, we have ‘Speer’ at the 12 o’clock position. This is followed by the number ‘18’ at the 3 position, with ‘9mm +p’ at the 6 position and ‘047’ at the 9 position.

I was just re-reading this thread, and noted thaqt in my long entry about the Indpendence headstamps, while I typed the headstamp correctly in all places, I did not notice that the part of “reply” to the right of what you are typing, which is the way it will show it, corrupted my entries to " / 9mm LUGER", etc. It seems one cannot edit that side of the reply section, a vary serious fault in my view. The actual headstamp, if this works, typed out different, it the letter “I” preceded and followed by two asterisk-like figures. Just to see, I will type it the way I did originally as well: I. Once again, as can be seen , the forum program corrupted that into “/,” (sans the quotation marks.

Not too good when you can’t type a headstamp properly on a scholarly venue about ammunition! without it being changed to something totally different.

John Moss

Hi Guys,

Sounds like this is a Speer loading sold under the Independence name. I appreciate all the replys. Who wins the 45acp ammo I offered for info. Send me an address and Ill get it out to you.