Independence brand = Blazer brand

Recently I was checking out a box of Independence brand 9mm ammo at a gun shop and found the ammo headstamped BLAZER. Now I see the same ammo at J&G Sales and once again the ammo is stamped with BLAZER. Might this mean the end to I stamped Independence brand ammo? Anybody else notice this change? … 55e199b285

Leon - yes, I noticed it. The little bit of Independence brand ammo that my friend carries in his gun shop has had the Blazer headstamp for about a year now, perhaps a little less than a year. I will be interesting to see, once the ammo hoarding is finished for this time around, if the " I " headstamp comes back in any form.

It is funny the way they do things. You don’t seen the brass-case Blazer brand ammo in the gold and black “Blazer” boxes much anymore, but do find the Blazer headstamp in the blue and white Independence boxes. There must be a business (taxes?) reason for all these separate brands, although even though I was in the industry, I never could get a complete handle on it.

It is like the occasional brief rebirth of a brand. Years after the Western brand in CF pistol ammo was gone, save for the second “W” in the “W-W” headstamp, I was in a small gunshop in Tucson and saw on the shelf .25 auto ammo in sort of a “USA Brand” type box, but under the Western name brand. I bought one of the last three boxes of it - W-W Headstamp so nothing strange there - and never saw it again anywhere, either on a shelf, in a catalog, or in any advertising. This was when our store was still in business. Never saw it in any other claiber either. Makes you wonder why they would bother with a whole new box printing for what was obvious a single, short run of ammunition.

John Moss

Under the umbrella/parent company (ATK), I’ve seen a lot of ‘spit-swapping’ between case stamps, boxes, bullets, etc.

If memory serves, the Federal “Independence” brand makes use of more imported/foreign-made or loaded components/ammo, as opposed to the generally domestic “American Eagle” brand.

The same is true in certain instances for Remington/UMC, Hornady/Frontier, Winchester/IMI, etc.

MW 228

Am not sure that “Independence” brand has much to do with Federal per se. The brand has been “filled” more with components made by CCI/Speer, also an ATK company, than with foreign components or any from other American makers, and shows a Lewiston, Idaho address on the back of most boxes. I do think that some cases have been made by Federal, and also some by Speer. The Blazer-headstamped cases are made at Speer.

The first Independence brand ammunition brought out was purely a product of Brazil’s Company Brazileira de Cartuchos (CBC) except for the headstamp. The entire cartridge was made in Brazil and the boxes so marked.

John Moss