Indian .303 British 1941 ammo bundle

This utterly destroyed bundle came to me in a bag with the original twine. Is there any way to restore it to the original one piece paper (from 3 pieces now) or it is common enough to give up and keep it this way?


If it was mine, I would try to find the thinnest acid free paper I could- or perhaps linen?- and use an archival-type glue to put the paper back together from the ‘inside’… that way at least you do not loose the information.

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“Onion paper” used by document and old/ancient book restorers is what is needed.
It is like old Airmail paper, only thinner.
Also, special glue is required.

Doc AV

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Doc, what kind of glue?

Another option for storing labels in this condition is between inert / archival Mylar? / plastic? sheets in a notebook.
Saves you from the effort of attaching them to backing and still preserves their integrity, plus allowing an easy to look at label
MH%20Maxim%20giun%20label .

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Yes, but now the rounds that go with it are not IN the package that indicates what they are…

Look for “Archival” glue like that used in the photo industry or museums, which do not degrade under UV. Sorry I cannot give you a name…
I have had very good results over the years with ‘FletchTite’ by Bohning, which I use to repair box tears.

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