Indian .303 Id

Can someone help me with those two rounds ?

The first one looks like a cordite Mark VI but the bullet is made of GM and there is a magnetic attraction of the bullet.
The second one contains a lead round bullet.


Perhaps a silly question, but are you sure that the Mark VI is actually GM and not a very dirty CN envelope?

The fact that it is magnetic, suggesting the envelope is actually GMCS makes me fairly certain it is a replacement.

The short case is probably some kind on local reload, but what calibre is the lead ball?


Hi Tony,
As far as the first one is concerned, I pulled out the bullet and here is what I found:
Bullet is GMCS 215 grains
Propellant 27,7 grains What kind?
Who could do this replacement?

I think as you said the second one is a reload; bullet diameter is about .382.


Well, it would be interesting to fire the lead ball in a .303 inch rifle! Perhaps it was intended to be used in one of those Khyber Pass Martini pistols.

With regard to the Mark VI, I doubt if that is a British bullet because of the knurled cannelure. It looks more American to me, but again there are so many odd reloads from that part of the world that anything is possible.


Many thanks Tony.

Visually that powder looks like Nobel No2. No way of knowing for sure, but the view may have a certain authenticity because for many years the Nobel powders were the only rifle powders commonly available within the British sphere of influence. But I would expect the loading to be around 38grns definitely not 27-28 grn

The second one I would say is a "native troops ".410 of some sort unknown

The short cased one has a bulge above the head typical of a fired .303" case.