Indian .380 British "KѦF 44 .380 II"

I see plenty of old Indian rifle ammo at gun shows. How come Indian pistol ammo seems to be not as common? Sorry for a bad headstamp scan, I am adjusting a new scanner.


Cannot give you an answer but I’ve only seen .455 here. I have .303 British and .577/450 MH but nothing else.

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Relatively small demand means relatively small importation.

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I only have the 43 date. They seem hard to find.

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Hi Vlad.
I just bought a small accumulation a few weeks ago and there were at least a dozen or more round with the KF headstamp in 43 and 44. However, I don’t recall seeing them at the shows here in Canada. There were a LOT of 303 headstamps, all different, from before WW1 to the 1950’s.


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Of the older I only have the 43 & 44 dates also but there are headstamp variations here are two 43 dated with different "4"s. Of the newer I have 80, 85 & 94 dates.