Indian 7.62x39 AP


I was asked by someone about the existence of Indian produced 7.62x39 ammo which might be a modern super-AP rd. Anybody hear of this, or had they tried such a projectile type in the past, or might it have been Pakistan?


DKCONFIGRATION–The only 7.62x39 that I have a record of in my Master List are 2 ball rounds with headstamps “KF 03 A7” with a brass case and “KF 02 SA.7” with a lacquered steel case.



did anybody ever see them?


This is what I thought. I assume the same goes for 5.45x39 as far as only producing ball ammo if India made it at all?


Dave - Don’t be sure that India only made a ball round because that’s all anyone has reported. I know for a fact that in 9mm, India has produced drill rounds. Even with a contact in India, I have been trying for fifteen years to get one, to no avail. How many people have a "KF: headstamped .32 auto round in their collection? (Yes, I know. how many people would want a .32 Auto round in their collection?!). Many collectors of that caliber don’t even know that India made that caliber.


Hans–Here are pictures of the headstamps. They are both fired cases but were reported to me as ball rounds. These photos came from a crime lab in France.


How could those have been fired? They don’t have any flash holes.


Falcon–Those are fired primers, not primer pockets.


These are empty primer pockets and the cases came unpimed to France for machinery tests.


EOD–I still maintain they are fired primers. Note the beveled edges. Also, the brass case has a copper primer. The steel case has an all black primer.


Ron it is as I said, I have seen those life. The steel case even has a blob of laquer in it’s primer pocket which is enclosing an air bubble and there are also no flash channels.


EOD–Well, perhaps, if you have seen these exact cases, then maybe they are unprimed Berdan cases with no flash holes. I will write to my original source and ask, just to be sure.


I’d have to agree with EOD, no obvious extractor or ejector marks.


I’d like to add that rarely do you see such a perfectly centerded firing pin mark. Also, the AK and SKS (usual consumers of 7.62x39mm) do not leave such a rounded firing pin impression. It is more squared off at the bottom of the indentation. And, as has been mentioned, these rifels are not kind to fired cases. Extractor and ejector marks are usually quite noticeable…