Indian 7.62x51 "OFV 95 M80 7.62"

Originally I saw the popped out primer, but then I got attracted to the deep defect in the groove. It is smoove with no rugged edges and looks like the cartridge’s original confuguration (not something induced by the gun). Indian ammo has SOME reputation. Tailgunner wrote the following in a dufferent forum.

The OFV headstamp is used by the Varangaon Arsenal in Bhusawal india. I had some experience with couple of lots of OFV from the late 70’s in 7.62. My thoughts are I would not fire this ammo by remote control from the next county. I wouldn’t even pull it down for component. I would have someone perform an exorcism ritual on it and burn it in a deep pit.

So any thoughts about this ejection groove anomaly?

DSCF8402 DSCF8401 DSCF8400

Probably a mis- alignment in a disc rotary table press for seating the primer or the bullet.
Nothing of any importance for field use ammo.

May affect reloading by us.

Btw, Varangoan factory was a US Aid sponsored program to make 7.62 Nato…by Olin-Matheson, and the powder is WCC ball type, and case and bullet design US M80 7.62.
Once one overcomes the load consistency problems in the early lots…1970s, the cases make fine reloads

Doc AV.

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Considering Olin involvement with the set up of OFV I would assume production would use ball powders. I have taken down rounds if I remember correctly were dated 75 and loaded with extruded powder. Is there a known reason for the change and where it was sourced?