Indian Ammunition Packets

Four more assorted Indian made Ammunition packets.

.476 Ball Mk1 KF 1929

.476 Buckshot Mk11 KF 1929

.577 Snider Buckshot Mk11 Dum Dum 1893.

.410 Blank L Mk1T KF 1939. (Empty wrapper). Gray paper, red print.

All came from India c.1975. All hard to find now.


That 410 blank packet is fantastic! Would love to know what was in it. You really should shoot all that stuff up before you show it to us Ron.

What do you suppose the: L. Mk. I. T. is?
What is the L = long? & what is I. ? T = training?

Really neat, & just as good if not better than the Snider MK II buckshot.

Thanks Pete but I will keep the packets full.
L1T means Blank Mk1 Black Powder. I will Take photos later on. Ron.

Ron, those packets are great, thanks for sharing.

Photos of ammunition from similar Indian packets.

.410 Ball, Shot and Blank. Note the Ball has the normal .303 case taper.
The Blank is headstamped: K^F 39 410 1 with 4 cancel? bars.

.476 Ball and Buckshot. Both have brass bases.
Packets also have brass bases- I checked with a magnet.
Note the lower shoulder on the Buckshot load.

Indian Sniders. I am sure the packet contains the left example with paper sabot.
The middle Buckshot is IP Mk11 approved 1898 so too late for my packet.
The Ball round may be a Mk10 ? but has wide red stripes. Steel bases.

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Had not seen the pie-crimped .410 blank before so very nice & thanks
Date looks like it matched the packet so pretty cool!

Another .476 Ball empty packet dated 1928.

DF Buckshot Mk11 with case hole and brass base.

The 410 Blank came from this packet. I got the last round with the wrapper.
I am pleased that the forum showed interest in these Indian packets as there is not much information on them and packets are getting scarce.