Indian Military .40 S&W?

Just read an interesting news report (actually about a year old) that India will be producing a licensed version of the Israeli Tavor rifle. Various sized versions are planned in 5.56x45, .40, and 9mm.
Anyone have info on the .40 ammunition?


Jon - The rumor of Indian .40 S&W use has surfaced from time to time. A discussion with a friend of mine in India, as much of a crtridge collector as is possible in India, brought only doubt. He indicated that the cartridge was all but unknown in India and that he had never heard of any weapon being suggested for that caliber, nor of any testing done with it. Of course, that is not proof of anything, but is one “on-the-spot” view.

There is a possible “Indian Connection” to one headstamp made by Sellier & Bellot for a company called CB&A of Catalu