Industrial Remington blanks


A gun show vendor had a Remington model 450 bit driver powered by blanks. A nail-like bit went inside the plastic “projectile”. I never saw a Remington power tool. If it weren’t Remington, I wouldn’t post this. The headstamp is a “U”.


Vlad–Those of .32 Rimfire Heel-Cup Stud Driver rounds. There are approximately 100 different studs that fit in the Heel-Cup ranging from simple hardened nails for concrete in lengths from 3/4" to 5" plus a whole assortment of threaded hanger bolts, etc. The heaver loads (designated by the colors) can even punch though a 1/2" I-Beam web.


Vlad - reference your comment that you wouldn’t have posted these except they are Remington, tool cartridges are absolutely a legitimate topic for cartridge collectors, and many collectors save them, either as a specialty in their own right, or when in “normal” cases, as simply another loading of that caliber ammunition.

I have some .38 ACP cases that are stud driver cartridges - even a dummy one I suppose for teaching apprentices how to load the stud gun properly. I also have some .45s that are bomb-cluster release cartridges, sometimes referred to as “cable-cutters” that I would clase as a tool cartridge - certainly not for firing in any conventional firearm. I am sure that even in my own auto pistol specialty, there are others that I am not thinking of this late at night.

John Moss