Inert .380 Short Revolver Long case (.380-10-124)

I’ve collected a number of INERT .380 Short Revolver Long Case (as described by Munición), some of which are from unknown manufacturers.

I have previously shown the 6 and 8 point * headstamps, but; without any definitive conclusion. Would appreciate any fresh perspective on these and the other appended examples.

  1. Manufacturer Unknown 6 pt. star. Possible; Georg Egestorff, Linden.


  1. Manufacturer Unknown 8 pt. star. Possible; Georg Egestorff, Linden

  1. Gévelot S. A., (Sociètè Française des Munitions)

  1. Danish Government Arsenal (Ammunitionsarsenalet), Copenhagen. (Danish 9x17R Mod 1891) 1941 Under German occupation.

  1. Eley Brothers, Ltd., London 1885-1919

  1. Manufacturer Unknown

  1. Kynoch Factories, Imperial Chemical Industries Ltd.

  1. Hirtenberger Patronen-, Zündhütchen-und Metallwarenfabrik A.-G

  1. RWS Rheinisch-Westfälische Sprengstoff A.-G., Nürnberg-U

  1. RWS Rheinisch-Westfälische Sprengstoff A.-G., Nürnberg-U

Any thoughts or comments would be much appreciated.


The Danish round is not really under occupation since Denmark was producing for the own police under own management.
A full scale occupation like with other countries started in Denmark only in 1943 (before they had a very own status compared to other occupied states) when the Danish resistance started actions and the Danes were stripped off the last negotiated souvereignity.

Our experts here may clarify.

An early Eley box for the .380-10-124

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