(Inert) 7x57 Mauser headstamp help needed


Would be grateful for assistance with the identification of the following 7x57 Mauser headstamp.

The case length is 56.6mm.
The bullet can be easitly pulled out with two fingers and appears to have a thick metal jacket, that is attracted to a magnet, and a lead filling.
I’m unclear if the date indicated is 1903 or 1908.
I have no way of knowing if the bullet belongs to the case.

Would appreciate any help, or guidance, with the identification.



I think it’s Serbian, probably made at Kragujevac. On the other hand, I wouldn’t, as they say, bet the farm on it. Date is probably 1908 if we assume the numeral three in this font would have had a flat top. Bullet would be really hard to pin down as to originality. Whatever it is I like it a lot. Jack


Hi Sam,

Made in 1903 at Čaurnica, Kragujevac, Kingdom of Serbia. Can’t be from 1908 because by this date the headstamp was already changed to “С К”.




Fede: In the CK headstamp what does the C represent? I’m assuming this is cyrillic alphabet. Thanks. Jack


Jack, the Serbian cyrillic “С” (S) stand for “Serbia” (Srbija / Србија).




Fede: Thanks. I was trying to imagine something more complicated along the lines of “Royal Kragujevac [factory]” or something of that sort. Jack


Many thanks Fede & Jack for this ID…greatly appreciated.


This was the last year made like this. Went to CK headstamp in 1904.
(Photo by Will Reuter)