Inexpensive German 7.9mm Gone?

A few months ago, I looked around for 7.9mm sS Patrone to fill in a gap in my collection, and found 15 round boxes for sale somewhere (I don’t recall where - driving me nuts) for something like $10.

Now I’m looking around on auction sites, and the vast majority of results are more expensive than this. Is this just the reality now, or am I missing something?

I am trying to get 10-15 rounds, as I’d like to cannibalize a few to check out their insides.


7.92 x 57mm German ammunition is still around, its just like almost everything else in the world of ammunition/cartridges that has seen substantial price increases over the last 4 to 5years. A mixture of hoarding, concern about the possibilities of new laws, increased shipping costs and, in some situations, outright greed rule the ammunition market. Add to this the descriptive marketing terms “RARE” “German WW2 or pre WW2” and the price goes up even more. An example of supply and demand and what the market will bear.

Just my opinion.



Probably me you are referring to at that price. I had put an add in the sell section some time back. Some people contact me and then they do not respond after I send pictures and what I have. Most of it has gone to shooters that found the add, but I still have some left. Yes, I also see sold prices on GB for three boxes of s.S. plain Jane going for $163 and up. It is crazy and I have never listed them there, but sometimes think I should take the time.


I think the key to buying any ammunition today is - PATIENCE. There are still bargains to be had if you wait and do not panic. For example, not long ago I bought 3 boxes plus 2 full bandoleers of Cal .30 (30-06) for $40 total, including shipping. That’s 180 rounds. And, it was on Gun Broker! I made what I thought was a token bid and, for some reason, no one else bid.

It does take time to watch the auction sites every day but it is sometimes worth it.


I have noticed that 7.92 shooting ammo seems to be drying up from all of the retail sites, anything worth paying for anyway. Gunbroker still has plenty come & go, but the key is using their notoriously picky search engine. On Gunbroker you can get potentially different results by using such search strings as:
8mm German, 8mm Mauser, 7.92mm, 7.92 mauser, 8x57, 8x57mm, 7.92x57, 7.92x57mm, etc… Some sellers will put spaces in the caliber when typing the title of the listing: 7.92 x 57mm , which will not come up in search results if you type without spaces. And then you get the unfortunate listers who will put an error in the title such as 8mm “mauzer”, or 7.29x57, or 7.92x75. You also get some very vague sellers who will put up a listing as “WWII ammo”, or “Nazi rifle ammo” or some such thing without mentioning the actual caliber, but which might contain a lot of 7.92. The Gunbroker search engine will not loosely interpret results in the way the Ebay search does, and so searching meticulously in many different ways may pay off.

Just for the record I bought some of Joe’s cartridge offerings last year including some pre WW2 German 7.92x57mm. All that I bought was good, clean collectable material. If you want some contact him at his email listed above.


Thanks Brian!

Ray and Matt, you are right on the noggin about Gunbroker. I have found that all to be true.