Info about meaning "E37" letters in 7,9 RWS E37 headstamp

Hello all of you.
I am working in 7,9 web and i have one dude.
I have in my collection two 7,9 s.S. cartridges with RWS headstamp.
1 s.S with SCW case
1 s.S. with Brass case.
And one friend sent me
Two more RWS E37 cartridges. Same headstamp

1 S.m.K
1 S.m.K. L 'Spur.

What is the meaning of “E37”?
I have spoken with one 7,9 expert but we still don’t know the meaning.
Thanks for your help.


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This is export to Portugal. Yes, 1937.

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E from Export? Maybe yes. But i haven’t found anything about the meaning.
But sure were made for Portugal because in Spanish civil war batlefields never were found.

Thanks for your reply.


E for Export…whatever. I rely on the book of Windisch, Micke and Kellner.