Info about possible cal. 30 U.K production for Italy

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In my research on MDAP, i found trace of 1 shipment of 2.000.000 ammunition arrive in italy in Off-shore program, from U.K in 1954, so in our depots nobody remember of cal .30 whit UK marking.
Can be possible made in Norway(Raufoss AYR in MDAP marking) or in Belgium (F.N.) for U.K. governament …thanks if someone can help me

Hi Nicola, British Cal. .30 ammunition for this program is headstamped K 53. Packaging configuration was TAEIP: 1000 Ball Rds. in 250 Rd. web belts -by T. French & Son- in four M2 metal ammunition boxes inside a wirebound wooden box. Same was sent to Greece and later exported to the US as surplus ammo, so quite common there.



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Great, thanks!!