Info needed on HDS headstamp

Anyone know who HDS is?

This is on a reload and I suspect that HDS is a brass manufacturer and not an ammunition loader…(I believe its Huntington’s house brand in the US). Anyone have any more info?


This Japanese language site ( … Stamp.html) states H.D.S. is Huntington Die Specialties. However, your image is .HDS. Those dots may indicate a sub-contracted manufacturer.


They are Huntington. I wouldn’t put too much importance into the location of the dots unless you’re a headstamp hunter. Huntington doesn’t make any brass, it’s all made by someone else. Call them first thing in the morning and they’ll be happy to tell you anything you want to know. A great bunch of guys and gals. The old man was an avid cartridge collector. I don’t know if the boys have carried on with the hobby.


I know that some cases with “HDS” hs were produced for Huntington by H