Info needed on Russian belting sequences



I would appreciate to get any information concerning the belting sequences (ball, tracer, AP, incendiary, etc…) that were officially approved for service in Russian Maxim, SG-43 or PK belts.
I wonder whether 4 ball+1 tracer was also used by the Soviet/Russians ?

Thanks in advance




Well, no answer yet from anyone, so hopefully I will manage to begin the list :)

Found in an East German manual dated 1976 about aircraft ammunition, the belting sequence for PK and PKT weapons mounted on Mi-2 helicopters is the following :

6 balls + 3 tracers + 1 armor piercing tracer incendiary

Any information on the belting sequence for ground weapons or armored vehicule weapons ?




I don’t have any documentary evidence on this, but it seems to me that, considering how relatively common indenciary loadings are in the 7.62mm rimmed cartridge, that these would figure prominently in the belting sequence of the Second World War. JG


I recently read through a translated Soviet manual dated 1946 that indicated that Tracer, API or Incendiary-Ranging should be loaded in belts and magazines at a ratio of one to every four light or heavy ball cartridges.

Hope this helps!



Thanks AKMS for this information. This is exactly the kind of data I am looking for.