Info needed

Info needed for the following cartridge.
The story goes that this cartridge is an US experimental round used in a experimental revolver used in Vietnam.
Length 47.6mm
Diameter 13.2mm
Rim 14.6 mm
Rim height 2.1mm
Is it a rare cartridge???


Very rare, a .44 QSPR revolver cartridge. It is a sealed cartridge, with an internal piston that shoots forward to expel the projectile. None of the detonation escapes to make a sound.

Thanks John,

Found some information.

The cartridge was used in a highly modified S&W .44 Magnum. Interestingly, the ammunition was silenced, rather than the gun! A piston drove forward in the cartridge case upon ignition, firing the projectile into the barrel: but when the piston reached the end of the cartridge case, it stopped, sealing it, and preventing the gas (and noise) from escaping. It was a most ingenious design, but never developed further. After the Vietnam War, most of the revolvers concerned (many of which had no serial number) were collected and destroyed.

You can see a drawing of this cartridge on.