Info on 1920s and 30s Manuf. of M88 7,9mm Cartridges

Having seen some clips of “Circle M” M88 ammo ( ex-Jiri Roth Factory, Bratislava) I was wondering if there are other years of this cartridge’s Production by either “Circle M” or its successor in Slovakia, at Povascke Bystrica, “Z”.

it seems that the Jiri Roth Factory and its successors made a lot of various Contract ammo in 7,9M88, 7,9S, 8x50R, 7x57, 7,65x53, etc. all for export, during the 1920s and 30s, before being absorbed in 1939 by the German War Machine.

I suppose the M88 was for Equador, but it could equally have been for China?? or Ethiopia, or one of the Balkan states, places where older M88 Commission rifles ( unaltered) were to be found.

Anybody come across years of M88 cartridges other than 1933/ ( any Maker) in the Post WW I period…???

Doc AV

Sorry Doc,

I can only help with the “Circle M” III from 1933.


Doc: I suspect the round-nosed 7.9 m/m military ammo was produced in China into the 1920s but can’t cite any examples of such production. The poor survival rate of early Chinese small arms and ammunition is such that the lack of specimens of cartridges from the immediate post-WWI period doesn’t much surprise me. I read Ken Elks’ book on Chinese ammunition carefully on this specific point and didn’t really get a clear picture of this question. About the Czech-made variant: these cartridges, in clips and what I take to be original boxes, were available in the U.S. in the 1970s, so I’d vote for their source as being Balkan rather than Ecuadorean. Jack