Info on 44-100 Revolving Holster Pistol packet?


Hello all,

I was hoping you could fill me in on this small box of cartridges. Maybe give me some history, age, etc.??

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Just as a point of information, the 44-100 mentioned is only the caliber (44/100ths of a inch or .44 inch or 44cal) designation, as opposed to the later “Cal-powder charge-bullet weight” designations.


This packet probably dates from the American Civil War, 1861-1865; absolute earliest and latest dates maybe 1858 to 1867. Jack


While your packet does not show a makers name, it is highly probable that it was manufactured by Henry W. Mason of South Coventry, Connecticut. This ammunition was produced post Civil War for the civilian market’s use of surplus Civil War Colt revolvers. More information on Mason and this packet can be found in the following books:

  1. “American Manufacturers of Combustible Ammunition: James H. Merrill, E.R. Sturtevant, H.W. Mason” by Terry White
  2. “Percussion Ammunition Packets” by Malloy, Thomas & White.



Thank you for the dating and manufacturer info.
I acquired this as a part of a collection that I purchased…and it’s not in line with what I collect, so the info helps.