Info on ANM2 30-06 ammunition neded

I some 1918 dated 30-06 cartridges for use in the ANM2 and haven’t been able find out what the two stars or asterisk on the headstamp identify.

The stars in the headstamp indicate the cases were made using the “Hooker” extruded process.

These cartridges have no connection with the ANM2 machine guns of WW II. The heavy ring and stake-crimp primer was intended to prevent primer blow-out in aircraft machine guns, more specifically the Marlin.


Thank you Ray. You are correct sir, for some reason I was confusing them with the WWII that are similar in appearance.

The heavy ring crimp can be found on Remington made Cal.30 ammunition from the 1920s through the 1940s, and perhaps even later. I don’t think it has any connection to the Browning AN/M2 aircraft machine guns. Ammunition designated as Cal .30 AN-M2 is something completely different and is not related to the style of primer crimp.