Info on CHINESE 5.8x21 wanted


Can anybody tell details on the Chinese 5.8x21 cartridge?
Everything is welcome like images, techincal data, historical background etc.


From ‘Jane’s Ammunition Handbook’, latest on-line revisions:

"This round uses a bottlenecked steel case with a pointed Full Metal Jacketed (FMJ) bullet containing a steel penetrator. It appears to be similar in purpose to the 5.7 x 28 FN and 4.6 x 30 HK rounds in that it provides a light-recoiling cartridge with good penetration of body armour. It penetrates 1.3 mm of steel helmet plate plus a 50 mm pine wood block behind it, at a range of 100 m. A subsonic loading with a heavier bullet is also available.

Round length: approx 32 mm
Case length: 21 mm
Rim diameter: 8 mm
Bullet diameter: 6.0 mm
Bullet weight: 3 g
Muzzle velocity: from pistol 480 m/s; from PDW: 530 m/s"



Thank you very much gentlemen you helped me a lot.