Info on Remington and Peters 12 gauge shells

Hello from Indiana!

I’m a new member, and was pointed here from my local forum.

I’ve got some Remington and Peters 12 gauge shotgun shells NIB that I would like to get some info on if possible. Particularly the Remington as it has a unique decal on the box.

8 boxes of Remington All American Skeet Loads “Power Piston”, and on the side of each box is a decal that Im assuming is factory installed that says “New Remington 70-71 Gun Club Tournament Load”. All the shells are low brass, w/ green shells.

12 boxes of Peters ammo, which is basically identical except its a Peters box, ammo is identical except the shells are blue. Boxes are stamped “Remington Arms Employee Stores NOT FOR RESALE”

The ammo came in a Remington box, and we thought it was all Remington until we got down past the first two rows.

anyway, here are some pics, let me know what you think.


Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the find of a case of somewhat vintage shotgun shells. You showed excellent pictures of the boxes but none of these shells and these would have been nice to see, from side, top and bottom view.

The boxes were probably made around 1970 or so, for the All American load that is only shown in the 1971 catalogs. The tag indicates they may be a special run or something. The “Remington Arms Employee Stores NOT FOR RESALE” indicates that these may be seconds or perhaps they made a special run of shells that were not delivered for some reason. In talking to Remington employees I’ve been told they could buy seconds, which were perfectly fine to shoot, which were often boxed in whatever box they had at the time. The mix of Peter’s and Remington boxes in the same case bear this out. So the ALL AMERICAN boxes could have just been something they needed to get rid of and packed seconds in them for inhouse sale. It would be interesting to see the shells in these boxes.

Another possibility is that this batch of shells did not sell well and/or were replaced. In 1972 they came out with a new hull design (RXP) and they seem to have replaced the ALL AMERICAN in the catalog. Maybe they just sold them off to the employees.

Interesting fine.