Info on solid copper hollow points

I am compiling information for a write-up on pistol-caliber solid copper hollow points (SCHP loads), and I was wondering if anybody would have any other bullet types to add to the list below? I am not including sintered frangible total-copper hollow points (like sinterfire bullets) in this list:

Barnes XPB & TAC-XP
as loaded by:
Corbon (“DPX”)
Corbon / Thunder Ranch (“DPX”)
Corbon “Hunter” (some large revolver calibers)
Barnes (“VOR-TX”)
Federal (“Vital Shok” w/ XPB)
Taurus (“Hex” .45acp)
Buffalo Bore
Black Hills
Reed’s Ammunition
Wilson Combat

General Bullet (Grafton, Ohio)
as loaded by “C.O.P.” total copper

Grizzly Cartridge “Xtreme”

Guncrafter Industries .50GI “CHP”

PMC “Ultramag” 38J 38 special

Magtech “First Defense”

Magtech “SCHP” (for large revolver calibers)

American Ballistics “CV2” 9mm

M.E.N. “PTP”

Hi-Vel “ultimate pocket pistol” loads in .25acp & .32acp (aka P.P.S. “MSC” / “MTT”)

Geco / RUAG “Action-1” & “HP-SXF” 9mm

Monobloc or ball-tip type loads that are somewhat SCHP:

Fiocchi “EMB” 9mm

FN “EP” 9mm

RSA “Cone” 9mm

M.E.N. “QD1”


It seems like there is a Swiss 9mm type that I am missing from the list which was total copper HP with a copper or copper-plated ball in the tip?


Hi Matt,

Missing in the row:

DAG Action-3 ( 3 types)
DAG Action-4
DAG Action-5
DAG Green range
DAG Action Effect
DAG NP training

MEN SP copper cap
MEN QD copper cap

Swiss SeCa
Swiss SeCA- Self ( hollow inside)


Add to your list Federal LE Tactical XPB (Barnes):

9x19mm 115XPB (T9XB1)
40 S&W 155XPB (T40XB1)
45ACP 165XPB (T45XB1)

Double Tap (various calibers)

Thanks guys! Some of those DAG Action loads are brass bullets aren’t they? I’ll probably find myself ultimately including the brass bullets as well anyway.

I had Double Tap w/ Barnes bullets but forgot to put it on that list, but the Federal LE Tac is a new one to me. That Federal stuff must have been a limited or special-order run? It doesn’t really show up on the internet anywhere, and is not on Federal’s website except for an expired link that shows no loads for the XPB bullet available:
Federal’s 2009 and 2010 law enforcement catalog show it:

but it’s not in the 2011 catalog.

I do find a few scant mentions of it via Google, and I see that Hoffman’s shows some, but with index numbers of XM9XB1 for 9mm, and XM40XB1 & XM45XB1 for .40S&W and .45acp They show some for sale here (They are out of stock - I checked this morning):

A couple pics:


Add the PMC Ultramag in .44 Special … I’ll try to get the part # and box info on here tonight when I get home.

Also, DoubleTap has loaded SCHP in at least 2 flavors in 10mm, . 40SW. .223, and I think in other calibers as well (

Re: the Federal LE Barnes SCHP stuff, it’s been on a couple of ATK LE distributor price lists (we are in bid/buy process currently, but not on that product specifically). I have a call in to ATK for availability on those products.

Thanks Mike, I do have the PMC 44 box and forgot to add that to the list. I also have Double Tap down as one of the many loaders and forgot to add them.

The old defunct Personal Protection Systems semi-auto loads in .25, .32, .380, 9x19, .45ACP and 45Colt all used a copper HP bullet.

Per ATK, all their Barnes-bullet SCHP products have been discontinued.

Honestly I’m not surprised, since the SCHP doesn’t do much if anything more than existing ATK LE products, and costs as much or more. CorBon and Black Hills have a big chunk of SCHP “demand” covered, and do not have the LE-only distribution restrictions that Federal does.

Also, given the silliness associated with large-agency end-use (bid specs, etc.), I can see how the SCHP product might be difficult to get past some ‘paper barriers’. I know some agencies specify “jacketed hollow point” , etc., and re-writing that kind of thing is not nearly as easy it should be.

Here’s something I just found. Lehigh Defense LLC.

Looks like they have some interesting items.

Wow! They must have just updated their site. That was not all there a short while ago, and their site was as recently as a month ago. It looks like they are offering a bunch of new products, and loaded ammo. they used to just do a limited amount of solid brass projectiles for rifles.
Their catalog is top notch!:

I especially like the quintuplex .45 Colt and .44Mag loads that they offer:

Their “Maximum Expansion” bullets look similar to the Xtreme line from Grizzly cartridge, and their “Controlled Fracturing” line looks like a copper version of the Aguila IQ.

I’m glad to see them doing some really ambitious stuff and expanding into new load types.