Info on these 40mm shells?

Hi, here are two 40mm shells that my father brought back from Vietnam in the 60’s. As you can see they were made into vases. They have anchors on them so I’m assuming they are some sort of naval round? Thanks for any info!

Looks like the bases of typical Bofors rounds. I know they were used in some riverine gunboats in Vietnam, but I don’t offhand know of other uses, although the US owned plenty of them (they were heavily used by the USN and US Army in WW2).

Hell of a job constructing a gun with a chamber that shape, though ;-)

My Father said that the Vietnamese were quite talented at taking the refuse of war and turning it in things of peaceful purpose and use. There is also an ornate incense burner that came with this set that was made from melted down brass shells. What’s a BOFORS round? Thanks!

The one on the right of this picture shows you what it should look like.

And you can read all about Bofors guns and ammo here:

Man that took a lot of work to get that round to the size and shape of my “vases”, thanks for the pics and the link!

Another weapon system that used the 40mm Bofors Cannon was the AC-130 Gunship. I didn’t make VN, but we flew them out of Korat RTAFB in the mid-70s, and had rounds in gray cans with Navy markings on the cans. I can’t actually remember ever reading the headstamps, but I’m pretty sure that there were not “USAF-specific” procurements of this round, so it would be possible that Navy-marked cases could have come from that system. The Thais were also very skilled at modifying the brass, into things like mugs (mostly 105mm), candle sticks, etc.

I was aware of the gunships but didn’t mention them because I thought that the 40mm-equipped ones were post-Vietnam. On checking, I see that they weren’t. No doubt they used up old ammo stocks from the army or navy.

Incidentally, the plan to replace the existing 25mm and 40mm guns on the AC-130s with the 30mm MK44 has been dropped, and the USAF is seeking to buy more 40mm ammo - the standard L/60 HEI stuff.