Info & Pics request French 9 x 19 ALIA round

I`m looking for info and pics of the French 9 x 19 ALIA round, thanks in advance.

D.G.F.M. The only thing I can tell you about Alia here is that it was invented by the same man who invented the THV, Mssr. Andr

John, my friend, all this reminds me some interesting part of my life!!!

The magazine you spoke about was not French, but Belgian, in french language. Its name was AMI, it did change some years later in FIRE. It was extremely interesting and well-made, but died from lack of advertising contracts, and also due to the fact that it was conceived and made by non-professional enthusiasts, amidst them [b]Jean-Ren

Here is a copy of the ALIA page from my power point presentation on pistol caliber AP which I gave at the last SLICS. I have little information on ALIA other than what John mentioned. It was around from 1980 to 1983 and when THV started up, the ALIA project was abandoned. It was a conical aluminum jacket with a pointed steel core:

And the magazine article (the only real printed info I have ever found on ALIA) was from the July 1981 issue of AMI magazine, and was titled: “ALIA, La Puissance de perforation d’une balle de fusil dans une cartouche pour arme de poing”

Phil - the information I posted about your friend on designed the Alia bullet came from you, of course! I suspect my copy of the magazine article, the one the pictures are posted from, did also, I am quite sure. Merci, mon ami.

DGFM: You probably don’t need it now, but I did scan this entire article from my copy, as well as a picture of Two Alia rounds, in anticipation of hearing from you, and can send them to you by email, but I only know how to do it from my own email, to your own email. I don’t know how to do it thru the Forum. I will be gone for a week, but if you let me know in that time, I will send it when I come back. If I don’t here from you, I will delete it from my computer, as I have an awful lot saved, and don’t need this in my computer for any of my own purposes.

DK: The headstamp on the Alia 9mm rounds I had was “SF 82 9MM.” I had two very slight bullet variants. They had a black primer seal, according to my notes.

John, Philippe & DK: Thank you all for all the information, DK the color power point presentation is very nice indeed, and Philippe the story on the AMI/FIRE magazine is very interesting, by the way could any of you post pics of the ALIA ctgs. from your collections ? and it is possible to find these ctgs. in the meetings of Europe or USA, I

Here is the headstamp and profile close-up of my .357 ALIA:

The primer seal is a dark purple or light black - hard to tell.
Finding ALIA’s at the cartridge shows is fairly rare, and I think the .357 is a little more common than the 9mm. The projectile is very lightweight, and it has a mild attraction to a magnet due to the aluminum jacket buffering it, but not very strong like a steel jacket would.

And with regard to AMI magazine, I have found that this website: has an entire reference for the AMI magazine, and when it changed names to “ArMI” and “FIre”, with an article index of all the main articles for each issue. You have to subscribe to his minature-gun collector club to get access to any scanned image copy of any article you want, but it was only 5.00 Euros when I got it, and it is a great reference!

DGFM - here is a better pic of a 9mm ALIA cartridge from the website, headstamp is “SF 82 9mm”:

Here is the ALIA round and a seperate bullet from my collection. The total bullet weight is 52.7gr and the jacket is crimped at the base to hold in the core.

Also pictured is an aluminum jacket and seperate core that I got at the same time I got my ALIA load and seperate bullet. The individual only said that they all came together. frankly I think is is an unfinished bullet and a core. I suspect that the core is crimped into the jacket and then the pointed nose is machined on the bullet,but that is only a guess on my part.

Lew & DK: thank you so much for you oustanding information, now my problem is to get one for my collection, it