Info re brass case 75 x 660R

Pls tell me what country used this, and in what weapon? 75 x 660R is what it seems to be. It is dated 1913, has a maker logo unknown to me, and a kind of squared-off anchor mark.

I think it is the one in Robert Hawkinson’s book listed as 75 x 660mm Rimmed with 101mm rim diameter. Straight, necked case, brass. Noted as 75mm Russian Navy/Finnish Navy Model/year ?? with French type rim/case.

Thanks John, sounds good to me. There is at least one Cyrillic character in h/s. I’d still like the ID of the maker represented by the odd logo if anyone knows it.

I wonder if this casing is for the Schneider gun shown below:

Items produced by Schneider and sold to Russia, as of 1914-

"…canons de bord et tourelles." Google translation to English = ship guns and turrets

Source for the above:

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Thanks, sure looks like it.

It is the Schneider-Canet case.
The case was made by “Izhorsk Factories” as the “ИЗ” is indicating.

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Thanks! I was wondering about the “pinprick” marks over that arsenal mark on the case head. The only thing I can tie to those is a Rockwell-type hardness test. My Rockwell hardness tester has a diamond point it presses into steel of unknown hardness, and the depth to which it penetrates gives a reading indicating the Rockwell hardness on a given scale, such as “Rockwell C.”

These are reloading marks, a very common way to mark cases.