Info Request: 7.62x54r Bronze Tip U.S.C.Co

Hi, I would like to learn more about this severely corroded ammunition. I am interested to know its age and purpose. Is the bronze tip there to assist in expansion? Thank you! Completely non magnetic, some have pinholes from severe corrosion… ouch!

The tip is actually copper. Dating to the 1920s, the trade name was [b]Hollow Copper Point /b. Patented by the United States Cartridge Company (USC Co). One of several hunting bullets popular at that time.

The basic construction was that of an ordinary jacketed hollow point having a very large nose cavity. A thin copper cup was inserted into the cavity and swadged to a smooth contour. This gave the bullet the wind bucking quality of the full jacketed design. Upon impact the hollow tube collapsed, splitting the jacket, resulting in greater expansion.

This same basic design was very popular in the British Empire, Africa, and on the Continent, under different trade names.

Most of these bullets were gone by the start of the Second World War so your cartridges could date from the 1920s to the 1940s.

My article in JOURNAL #445 describes it and other patented protected point bullets in the U.S.