Info wanted 7.1 mm signal ammunition

I purchased 3 signal cartridges caliber 7.1 mm. The person I boughd these cartidges from told me that the collourcode stands for: Black = smoke Red =flash-bang and the blue one contains paint.

I can

7mm cane gun ?

These appear to be fireworks cartridges for “Sarbacanes” (Blowpipes). They appear to be manufactured to the G

Thank you Simon and Chris for the quick responce.

I can’t harldly wait til March for the further info.
In the mean while can you give me an indication if these cartridges are scarce and if possible an indication of the value

I have one of these cartridge too.The person that gave it me seold it as " 7 mm a gas" ( 7mm gas cartridge).Could you tell me what is a “Serbacanes”?Can someone tell me if it has some collector value?


My cartridge has no colours on the body but its case is iron coiled

Dear Pivi,
Fr. Serbacane == It. Cerbottana.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics
Brisbane, Australia