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Dear Gentleman,

Recently I got a piece from what should be from a torpedo. I think it is British because I found the incription R.N.T.F. and a few times “271”. I am very cusious if there is anyone on this forum who has knowlage about torpedoes. Anyone who can give me advice how to find the ID of the remains I have? I’ll try to post some photos tomorrow.

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Welcome here Madman.
Sure images will be the first point to start with. Once you have them posted we can try to get further with it.



Thanks for the reply. Attached 2 images.




Can you supply us with some background like where it was recovered and if any military operations (or a military relation at all) are known in that area?


Dear EOD,

Thus piece was renoverend by a dredger somewere beween the entrance of the Elbe and Esbjerg. I got it from a man from Esbjerg. Unfortunately I have no other informatiion.




That narrows it down a bit.
I will check on the docs I have on hand.


The RNTF could stand for “Royal Naval Torpedo Factory” (likely the one in Greenock).
Will keep searching and ask people who know more.



Thanks, looking forward for what you can find!




To what I have been told by a friend who is much more into this this could be form a 18" aerial torpedo.
By now there is no proper info on which model exactly as there where several.


From the Imperial War Museum:

Charlie Flick