Info wanted on 3 rounds

See the 3 rounds in photo, The first is a 455 semi auto pistol round with headstamp E. 18 I this parts easy its by Eley 1918 Mark 1, but it has an unusual very short round nose bullet , see photo, any clues ? the second one in the middle has the headstamp CIS 380 2Z GC Chartered Industries Singapore , Mark 2 Revolver, could this be a proof round ? see the deep knurled cannelure on bullet above case mouth and what does GC on the headstamp stand for, the last round on the right has headstamp DC 56 380 by Dominion of Canada, also a FMJ with a knurled cannelure above case mouth , brass primer with a RED seal, plus this round has the projectile seated a little further out of the case compared to the CIS round, could this be a proof round any info would be appreciated



       Thanks   Randy

Your images are not showing Randy, but here is a “blind” guess!

The normal bullet for the .455 inch self Loading round is a short hemispherical bullet so what you have may be normal. See attached picture.

The Singapore round also sounds like a normal ball round as these had the external cannelure. “GC” is the date code for 1973. CIS use this simple code on much of their ammo, 7.62x51, 5.56x45 etc. A=1, B=2, C=3 etc.

I think the DC round is also ordinary Ball Mark II but a photo is needed really.


“DC etc” Not “Dominion of Canada”, but “Dominion Cartridge Co” (CIL) in Canada.
( Private Maker).

All three are Normal Ball cartridges. Proof rounds in the “British” System would be marked “Q” ( Proof letter code).

Doc AV

I don’t know what happened to the photos, I will try again later Randy

Photos of the 3 rounds now attached, please note the bullet in the Webley Auto Pistol round is very short and made of LEAD which I did not mention in my earlier post, and seeing that the photos were not attached it was not possible to tell, it apears the other 2 are standard loads thanks for the replies appreciate any info on the Webley round, Randy