Information about 6.35x27.4 Gevelot Delacre

Any information about the 1935 cartridge 6.35x27.4 Gevelot Delacre? What pistol? Bullet weight, Muzzle velocity. Why a 6.35mm cartrirdge, what were they trying to do?

According to brandt two versions of this cartridge existed. Both never gone beyond the experimental stage

The first version ( March 1935) was loaded with a 6.35 Browning ( 25 ACP) bullet , 48.15 to 50.46 grains
Later version ( May 1938) used a longer bullet 49.38 to 50.92 grains

Reported headstamp was * S.F.M. * GG ( monogram)

Pivi, mine has that headstamp. Bill

Was it to be utilized in the Delacre “bullpup” machine pistol? Or some other firearm?