Information Needed on 577 Snider Cartridges


I just recently acquired a collection of cartridges I don’t know much if anything about other than what I have read in Cartridges of the World and The Cartridge Collectors Notebook. In fact, I am uncertain if I have them identified correctly. My tentative ID’s are below.

  1. I originally thought this was a shotshell, but now I think it is a 577 Snider Mark IV blank.
  2. I’m thinking this is a 577 Snider Mark III blank.
  3. Is a 577 Snider brass coiled case shotshell. I have no idea what the marking on the case means. Anybody???
  4. 577 Snider military manufacture.

Can anyone please confirm or correct my identifications and anything else I may have missed.

Also any idea as to the value of these fine old cartridges would be appreciated.

Thank you.


The left hand round is certainly a Mark IV type blank, but I suspect it is commercial. The military issue Mark IV blank had a coiled paper case and I cannot see if this is the case with yours. There was also a Mark IV Converted which was made from old ball rounds of either .577 or .577/450.

The next is as you say a Mark III blank.

Third from the left is a Buckshot India Pattern Mark II. The impressed characters in the side of the case are the initials of the manufacturer and if post 1895 the Indian Government ownership mark of “I” surmounted by a broad arrow. I think yours is “DF” which indicates manufacture at Dum Dum arsenal outside Calcutta.

The final round is a Ball Mark IX, indicated by the single narrow red band.It was introduced in 1871 and was the last mark of ball introduced for British service. There was a Mark X with two narrow red bands introduced in India.



Thanks for all the great information. I usually put the facts about these cartridges into my notes in my inventory.

Does anybody have any idea as to the value of these cartridges???

Much appreciated.


Anybody have any idea as to value on these items???