Information Needed - Personal Defense Pistol Rounds?


Don’t know anything about most of these cartridges and what is identified here could be completely wrong.

They are tentatively identified as:

  1. 40 S&W Black Talon
  2. 45 ACP IMI THV from South Africa or Israel
  3. 38 SPL Omnishock Spinning Blade bullet
  4. 38 SPL Cirillo Cup-faced Wadcutter bullet
  5. 38 SPL Cirillo V-Notched bullet
  6. 38 SPL Metal Piercing bullet
  7. 38 SPL NGA Black Eliminator bullet
  8. 357 Mag Multi-Ball load
  9. 38 SPL AP 2000 fps Equaloy alloy teflon coated bullet
  10. 38 SPL Ultramag Tubular bullet

Below are headstamps for above in order from left to right.

An oblique view in no particular order.

Any information about the above pieces will be appreciated even if it isn’t good news. I know the Black Talon was commercially manufactured and I have a 357 metal piercing round (just like the above 38 SPL round), and have seen various THVs before. Were any of these cartridges commercially manufactured or are they cartridges manufactured at home with custom-made bullets or just made-at-home bullets? It seems like an interesting assortment of personal defense rounds.




#2 is definitely South African, just happens to be in an Israeli case.


You won the recent auction from the Gunbroker seller “Arcane” it looks like. I bought most of his specialty pistol cartridge collection a couple years ago - he had a great bunch of cartridges! He used to be on the forum here.

Anyway; The cartridge descriptions are all basically right, but I would more accurately describe #4 as a “Safe Stop” cartridge with a “cup-point” style projectile, which was just a backwards inserted projectile of the type that Fuzzy Fletcher used to use and which he cut the notches in. Fuzzy ran Village Metalworks which made Safe Stops in the 80’s and 90’s. #5 is a typical notch-cut Safe Stop cartridge.

#6 shouldn’t be referred to as black, it’s a red cap so it’s one of the more typical red & blue Sentry loads from NGA. The early Sentry / Eliminators had some black plastic tips which were on Geco cases.

I haven’t heard the term “spinning blade bullet” for the Omnishock loads before (#3). Those were lead hollow base wadcutters with screws in the top (covered with red resin). In the rare ideal situation when the screw would engage the wadcutter properly it would open up the led petals upon impact, but I don’t think they would be as sharp as say, a Black Talon type load as far as “blade petals” since Omnishocks were just lead around the screw. Some of the screws were steel, and Omnishocks were awkwardly put on the BATF’s pistol-caliber armor piercing list because of this. The screws would detach from the bullet allot of the time and impact the target separately, thus being a steel projectile (probably not a functional AP load).

Those are some great collectible specialty pistol loads though. To find them together like that is a neat way to start a collection.

P.S. - The Equalloy was real, a short lived specialty load, these types of bullets were also loaded by PPS in their ZC38 and ZC357 loads but with a red coating. I don’t know if that is Teflon or Nylon coating - anybody know for sure?

Equalloy, Safestop, Multiball, Ultramag, Sentry and Omnishock packages:



Thank you for the information.

You are correct about the seller and the auction. He seemed like a fine fellow. I really like the THVs and that caught my attention.

I was short on information about some of these and you have educated me. I appreciate your time to do so.