Information on Ca;.30 with T-53 primer

Hello, I have two Cal 30. [30-06] loaded rounds with the T-53 zinc primer, 1 ball the other AP. Is there anything else noted about either of these other than the experimental primer

photo 008_1.jpg

photo 009_1.jpg

Chris Punnett

many variations available on Ball and AP cartridges
Dark Grey (Bottom row) , Light Grey (middle), Nickel (top).
crimped and uncrimped

See HWS volume 3, page 112-114 for all Details

Thanks FD, Does the High Cannelure on the AP signify anything? different AP? I wish I had copies of HWS and 30-06.

No, it was added as extra identification early WW2.
On the ball cartridges; I have specimen with GM and GMCS jacket.

HWS III is still available. Please contact MEL on the Forum. He can help you.

below is part of one of my articles on AP for the IAA journal

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I will and thank you!