Information on Hotchkiss Glass Plate Flake Powder

I’m looking for information on Hotchkiss Glass Plate Flake Powder as used by many of the countries of the last century. Not so much the burn rate ,but the history of the powder,who used it for their military ammunition and when was the last time it was used as a primary propellant for military ammunition.? I would appreciate any technical and manufactures information you could provide. A search on the WWW provides very little facts.
Thank you.

Rapidrob, can you tell us the source where you have found a powder having such description? I think I have never heard of it before.

While Paul Viellie rolled out his original powder and cut it into flakes,I have a reference to Hotchkiss using a glass plate during the rolling of the liquid powder prior to cutting. The advantages as stated was the glass as it was made, had a very smooth surface which aided in production of the proper thickness of the powder to be cut into flakes. I’m hoping to find more info on Hotchkiss’s process and if it was successful.modified,shelved,etc.
I cannot find any other information on his process.
Between Paul Viellie’s technique and the later patents the trail goes cold on the manufacturing of this original type flake Powder and how it became so well used overseas.
I’m looking for any articles or books of the early flake powder manufacturing.
Thanks for any info.