Information on These .45-70 Cartridges?

See attached pic.

Head stamp on cartridges in the center and on far right:

       W. R. A. Co. 


ones on the left are head stamped

      S           H

500 Grain lead bullets. I think.

Would these be of interest to collectors?


Hi, I am sure someone will reply shortly. Please can you post a photo of the box if possible?


Trying to get the entire photo in the post. not sure why the bottom is cut off. Boxes may not be original and tops are missing, sadly

Hi, try dragging and dropping the image.

That’s better. Thanks :-)

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Can you post a side view of the box?

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Currently working with pics on my computer and not at home. As I said, the tops - which as I’m sure you know, contain the bulk of the info/graphics - are not available. Will post what’s there, this evening

Its just a nice to see for me as I am in South Africa.

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Box on far right (in above pic):

Center box:

Left-hand box (UMC):

IMG_20180924_153715619 IMG_20180924_153726179

What is a safety socket?

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Ha… Good question. I’ve reloaded shot-shells, but never rifle cart’s. Never heard of it.

Google is your friend:

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And so we learn something new every day!

I guess…

is it correct that .45-70 cartridges head-stamped “W.R.A. Co.” would be in a box with a label marked “manufactured at the Frankford Arsenal”? It seems the box at least, was issued to men who would be expected to reload their own cartridges in the field.

Some of the last FA marked loaded by / issued boxes were loaded with re-laded commercial cases by WRAC., UMC SH & just UMC & as late at 1905. See Hackley Vol. 1 rev. pg n207

Thanks Pete. I don’t have any of those books, but I’m happy to take your word for it.