Information required- military .22 rimfire


I am looking for info on .22 rimfire ammunition manufactured specificaly for military use. I believe that the Canadian government provided some metal jacketed .22 LR to clubs at cost in order to encourage reserve / militia type activities during the post WW1 period, and to allow use of civilian .22 rifles in case of military emergencies. I also believe the US government had some metal Jacketed .22LR manufactured during the Vietnam War for use in survival type weapons and the silenced Hi-Standard pistol. I seem to recall they also issued standard commercial ammo prior to this, but withdrew it due to (erroneous) claims this contravened the “Geneva Convention”.
Any info appreciated, but particularly anything related to the US vietnam period ammunition


I have seen 3 examples of .22LR in “military” use in Israel:

  1. REM headstamp with the IDF TZADIK mark.
  2. K headstamp with the IDF TZADIK mark.
  3. E headstamped British-made tracer with an English military label, and a Hebrew over-label saying" For Beretta Pistols Only".
    I wish I had kept that last box!


The .22 Long Rifle with FMJ for the U.S. survival guns for Air Force pilots was developed as the “Cartridge, Ball, Caliber .22, Long Rifle, T42”. It was later standardized as the “Cartridge, Caliber .22, Long Rifle, M24 Ball” It was replaced by the M65 .22 Hornet.

Not sure how much detail you want. Here are the specifications for both the M24 .22 LR and the M65 .22 Hornet.