Information wanted on Italian large caliber shell

This question has been posted on other forums, but I did not get confirmation yet.

I have a shell case that had the exact dimensions (152x575, rim 176 mm) as a German SK /L 40. However, the base stamp is Italian (SMI). I do not have any information on the use of this type of gun by the Italians. A standard German WW2 C12 nA primer fits exactly.

Does anybody have information on Italian made shells for SK L/40 guns? Did Italy have these huns? Or are these shells made for another country (maybe Belgium, because I found it in Belgium and the stamp looks Belgian).


Yesterday I finally found literature that could be the explanation for this shell.

The Belgiums have used left behind German artillery for modernization of fortifications. The reference speaks of German 15 cm L/40 guns that have been placed in Luik, Belgium.

I know of several shell cases for Belgium use, made by SMI, from the period 1920-1930.

Reference (French): La Position Fortifiee de Li

The Shell cases made by SMI could have equally been made either on Contract for the Belgian Fortifications, or as well for Italian usage with War Reparations German / Austrian Artillery acquired after WW I. It seems more likely that SMI was already making the Shellcases,( for Italy) and either subcontracted for a Belgian supplier or tendered directly for the supply to the Belgian Government.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.