Infos about 20x139 DM Cartridges

Im searching for informations about german 20x139mm cartridges,- what kinds of bullets exists, pictures of cutaway model.
Is there a page existing?


Take a look at: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=8725&hilit=nwm


I need a overview,- thats only 3 different bullet types in the thread ;-)

Some little: … 20&bih=954


I finally remembered this excellent discussion with pictures of sectioned 20 x 139mm rounds here: … rlikon-KAD-amp-Rh-202-gun.


PS- Forgot to mention you have to register and log in on the wk2ammo forum in order to view the pictures.

Ok, thank you.
I registered there before I had asked here, but the mail for compleating the registration just today arrived.