Ingram Magnum ammunition


Does anybody here have any info on experimental cartridges that Gordon Ingram developed for his “post MAC M10” subguns and carbines?
Here’s the list of names:
.30 Ingram Magnum
.41 Ingram Magnum
.50 Ingram Magnum

Max, here is a 1988 picture that includes all three Ingram cartridges. The .50 is shown above numbers 1-2 (350 gr lead and saboted .45 JHP 185 gr), the .41 above numbers 5-6-7 (265 GR lead, 170 JHP and saboted .31 metal penetrating), and the .30 above numbers 9-10-11 (150 gr lead, 85 gr JHP and saboted .265 metal penetrating). Regards, Fede.

do you know the parent cases ?

i think he shortened rifle casings

.30 ingram would be made from 30 carbine case ?

Fede, thank you

I think that firing 350gr slugs even at subsonic velocities but from a compact Mk V subgun must be quite handful, to say the least.