INRO caseless projectiles

Argentine INRO caseless projectiles. From left to right: 9 x 43, 9 x 35, 9 x 30, 9 x 30 (copper), 9 x 29.5 and 7.65 x 26. All unfinished (1st stage).

A few more: from left to right: 9 x 37 (galvanized steel), 9 x 32.5 (steel), 9 x 27 (brass), and 7.65 x 33.5 (brass). All loaded.

Good morning Fede,

interesting stuff! What is their background, I don’t think all of us are aware of their existence up to now.

Thank you


These were covered, along with the other non-German 9mm “Rocket” cartridges in my article in IAA Journal 475 (Sep/Oct 2010), the first part of the Article covered the German “Rocket” cartridges from WWII and was in an earlier Journal. You can find it in the Index on the IAA home page. Digital copies of these eJournals are available for purchase on the home page. I think they are $5/copy!

Fede, Thanks for the great photos-amazing varity of these.