Inside primed primed? by Constant Costard, Paris?

Here are some shot shells headstamped “C C Paris”. At first I thought they were rimfire Floberts but when I measured them they didn’t match any rimfires I am aware of. I assume they must be some type of inside primed (cane gun?). I’ve been told "CC " stands for Constant Costard of Paris. Who or what was Constant Costard and what were these used in?



Paul, you have three of the four known variations. There is also a 7/7.5mm Long.

Here are my notes:

A " C.C. * PARIS *" hs on IP shot cases is known to represent Constant Costard of Paris. Constant Costard (1780-1880) was a Parisian armourer in the 1870-1880 period. Interestingly the ‘CC’ trademark was registered 30 June 1881 (see images), presumably after his death and was used until about 1890.

These have been described as for Sarbacane but could be used in rifles (see below), Revolvers or conventional Canne guns.

According to Peter Petrusic (2006-1); “07,50x35,00R : Headstamp (* C.C. * PARIS) scarce Patent primed Rifle-cartridge, like the Bar-primed system-the priming compound lies between 2 Metalldiscs in the mid of the Cartr.base-but no sidefixes for the second metallsheet!!, 9,8-10mm high brass base, than up to 20mm salmon colored paper, dished base.”

These seem to be yet another variation of the early ‘Disk Primed’ case type.

The cartridges so marked do match known case types and are as follows:

7mm Short (7x22R) (FR55 or poss FR62)
7mm Long (7x35R) (FR60)
9mm Short (9x34R) (FR52)
9mm Long (9x43R) (FR65)

Registration document for the “CC” trademark dated 30 June 1881.


Thanks for the great information! I guess that forces me to look for the 7mm Long (7x35R) (FR60) to complete the set.

Thanks again,


Well seems your missing one & I’m missing one.
Disc primed CC

Pete, I had not seen the 7mm Long before and the only reference I had is the one from Peter listed above. Thanks for sharing.

yes its a complete sentence you moron spell checker installed on this site.