Instrucciones para adjuntar im


Para poder insertar una fotograf

Now we are talking.

This is great! Pictures transcend the need for verbal / written communication and the more collectors and academics posting photos the better. It would be cool if we could have these “Picture Posting” instructions in all languages to encourage people from all over the world to share their pics. I unfortunately only speak and read English, and that could use some improvement, so I can not translate anything. I also use PHOTOBUCKET which was real simple to learn for a computer novice like myself. PICTURES ARE WORTH A 1000 WORDS IN ANY LANGUAGE!

Thanks for translating the instructions in Spanish Fernando. Now we just need them in Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Korean, Japanese, French, Italian and all the others. I mean no offense if I left out a language.

Anyhow, I personally think this is a great idea and thank Fernando and Ron for the Spanish instructions. I also thank everyone else in advance for future translations. LETS SEE SOME AMMO PICS!!!