Inter-Service Ammunition & Ammunition Package Markings


Another great manual with many color plates:

Inter-Service Ammunition & Ammunition Package Markings (UK, 1948)


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Interesting on page 094 the PIAT rnd. shows a slight rim. Something I’d not seen before, or is it artistic license?

Also the .50 BMG tracer has a white tip?


These slightly rimmed variations actually exist and I believe that these are post-war. Here are some measurements from both versions:


Case lenght = 28,00
Rim = —
Head = 22,10
Mouth = 22,10

Rimmed (no headstamp; case body stenciled MKI LOT5):

Case lenght = 27,70
Rim = 22,52
Head = 22,10
Mouth = 22,10


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I believe that the reference to “white” color in a british .50 BMG tracer cartridge from that period may refer to those rounds designated “Cartridge, S.A., Tracer, .50” Browning, G Mark 5z". In many cases the tip is painted of a greyish-white color. Annulus colored red is also consistent with these loadings. Typical headstamps are SR 43 .50 and SR 44 .50.