Interarmco .303


Need help with headstamp, 303 british round with jacketed softpoint projectile, HEADSTAMP IS IMPRESSED WITHIN A GROOVE HALFWAY BETWEEN PRIMER AND RIM, HEADSTAMP READS ,@12 O’CLOCK INTLPAPMCO @ 6 O’CLOCK .303 Who made it.
Thank you in advance. Terry


Terry–If you look closely you will find that your headstamp actually reads “INTERARMCO” It was made by Fabrique Nationale Herstal, Herstal, Belgium for Interarmco of Virginia, USA


The reason that the headstamp is in a groove is because some other headstamp was removed. I had this cartridge in my collection, along with one originally headstamped “INTERARMCO” Never had any other headstamp, and so, does not have the groove) when I was collecting .303. This was done to surplus ammo for reasons unknown to me, since it cost them extra to do that. I am not sure if the ammo was FN or not, but I would question that the ammo was made this way by FN specifically for Interarmco. Now, perhaps it is the originally-headstamped “Interarmco” round, without the groove, that was made by FN for Interarmco? Is that a possibility?


John–I used the IAA Headstamp Guide for the ID about it being made by FN. I agree that it does not seem to be the kind of thing FN would do, I think INTERARMCO got a lot of stuff from Yugoslavia. Maybe that is where this was done.

Does anyone have the box these came out of. It would likely say what county where these were made.


Thank you all, have checked the headstamp with 20 power magnification,
and they are "P"and not “R” in the headstamp, perhaps a faulty bunter?
The farmer that gave me the round for my collection said he had some more in a packet, but still uses a 303 for wild pig destruction, so will possibly swap him some modern rounds to obtain the packet.
If successful will post details


No luck,the box the 303 rounds were in is an Australian military issue 48 round box ,M.F. from footsgray. containing mixed rounds, mostly military.
He had given me one of each headstamp.
Has to be INTERARMCO stamped with a faulty bunter, I think the groove testifies to this. Thanks again Terry


All the groove in the head of the cartridge attests to is that a previous headstamp was removed; I do not see where it would have anything to do with a broken or defective headstamp bunter. I wish I still had mine, as my records indicate the headstamp was properly spelled at INTERARMCO.