Interesting 105MM APFSDS - M735 Projectile

Here is an interesting, what I believe to be, an unmarked US 105MM M735 APFSDS projectile. I took some pictures of it next to a 2nd M735 in my collection. Two features of this projectile make it unusual to me. First, it only weighs 9 pounds while the labeled M735 weighs in at 13 pounds on my uncalibrated scale. Second, the sub-projectile dart is stenciled “000 - 0000” compared to others that have more complicated stenciling with numbers and letters. This is true with almost all of my US APFSDS sub-projectiles. I wonder if this M735 is missing its internal core either on purpose or accident? Could the “000 - 0000” signify that it was the first of its kind???


Side By Side

Sub-projectile Markings

M735 Typical Sub-projectile Markings