Interesting 11x59mmR Gras Cartridge

Hi guys,

A fellow collector shared with me the photos of the cartridge shown below described as a Greek Gras cartridge. Since this is not the typical Greek contract cartridge made by Georg Roth with the distinctive ΕΣ initials, but it is rather a headstamp I have never encountered before, does anyone have information regarding the cartridge pictured below? Thank you


No idea, but for every practical purpose: the two letters left/right (B, E) should read “Βασίλειον (της) Ελλάδος” ['Kingdom (of) Greece].

For me it is E E at 9 and 3 o’clock

I see “E E” as well. I suspect they just stand for for the Greek word “Hellas” which simply means “Greece.” (I can’t reproduce the Greek-alphabet spelling here).

John Moss

Thank you for your answers. I also see ΕE. It is plausible that these stand for Ελλάς (Hellas). With regards to the manufacturer, does anyone know where this round could have been made? Could this have been made in Greece? The oldest Greek made case I have seen is my 11x18mmR M1874 dated 1909