Interesting 20x99mmR headstamp

Hi guys,

I have the 20x99mmR round shown in the photos below. Its headstamp has several smaller stampings. Does anyone know what they mean?
Thank you

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If I’m not 100% mistaken this should be a 1941-made round from Tula;
187 being Tula
41г = год 1941 = year 1941

As for the rest, someone else more in-the-know should chime in.


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Nothing to know about the other stamps. These are factory internal markings and had no meaning as soon as they had left the workshop. And what they once meant only the people who worked there knew. And if anyone of them is still alife he will not remember.

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Thank you!

This is as clear as it can get. Thank you!

Was it normal (i.e.standard procedure) to add “Г” (an abbreviation of “ГОД”=year) on Soviet headstamps? I don’t usually collect large calibres, so asking out of ignorance. Also, why Ц, Ж, 3 and 5 are double hit? Was it done manually or by machine?

It is the first time I see it in a headstamp.


The “Г” is a normal thing on larger calibers but is also often seen without. Today it is not used anymore.
Why the factory internal marks are double hit you must ask the people who did it. But in general this is nothing unusual as this was done after the normal part of the hs (by the bunter) was formed.