Interesting 30MM PROOF ROUND & Others on EBAY

In case anyone here is interested, I am selling a INERT 30MM PROOF ROUND on EBAY as well as a new set of 105MM M735 APFSDS Fins and a missile gyroscope (possibly Russian). Here are the links. Hope this does not violate any forum rules. If so let me know and I will remove post ASAP.


30MM … :IT&ih=012

M735 105MM Fins … :IT&ih=012

Missile Gyroscope … :IT&ih=012

Great idea. I hope it flies.

At this point you’re fine, as far as I know. Sometime (hopefully) soon, there will be a separate forum for all the FOR SALE posts, so they won’t be here on the main forum.
I hope e-bay doesn’t can your items before they’re gone.

Thanks guys! :-)

The gyroscope is from a 9M14P Maljutka (AT-3 Sagger) AT missile


You rule! Thank you so much! I have been dying to know what it came from. I am going to GOOGLE that to see what it looks like. I may have to keep it now :-) I am extreamly grateful for that ID.

How do you know that 30mm is a proof round? Normally the blue projectile just indicates it is a practice (inert) projectile. Is it marked?

When I first got it a few years ago the bottom of the case had “PROOF ROUND” stenciled in light black ink. Unfortunately, like a total idiot, I inadvertently placed the round on my desk in a very small “wet spot” of windex cleaner that I used to clean my desk. In microseconds, the stenciling came off. Total bonehead move on my part. Anyhow, that’s how I know :-)


One more thing. For some reason, when the casing is photographed, you can slightly see some of the stenciling that is not visible when directly looking at in front of you face. No clue why? I will look for a older picture. Did not want to show it on EBAY as it is gone now.

Here is a old pic of the headstamp stenciling. 99% of it is gone now.